The power of symbols in different cultures and your life

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If you are an international student in Aarhus or just a new citizen willing to explore deeply what Aarhus can offer you, this video is for you.

As a Kunsthal Aarhus, we would like to make Kunsthal a welcoming place for you, and for this reason, we are so excited to announce our next cultural event where you will be able to meet new people from abroad and share a nice time together.

We would like to invite you to our next workshop.
Have you ever heard about what a symbol is?
Do you know every country has its own?
Whether you know it or not, this event is for you!

In the event, we will learn about different cultural beliefs since through culture we learn and respect each other!

Please register via our facebook - click here

16.00-16.30 visit new exhibition - guided tour

16.30 -17.30 welcome to workshop hosts: Txell Bosch - Kunsthal Aarhus & Edyta Gromacka - The Space, presentation about symbols in a different cultures, why it is important and interesting to look around, notice them in our every day life and understand its meaning.

17.30-18.00 Xiaoyi Zhuang, Li Ning & Dai Li Nordic Hanfu Association about symbols in chinese tradition, style and in caligraphy - you will learn I how to draw your own caligraphy symbol of e.g. I luck, happiness and more.

18.00-18.40 Nicola Gianluca Raimondi Ancient. Psychology workshop coaching session about symbols, beliefs and how to make your own symbol a wish that will make your dreams plans come true. A method for more than 1000 years ago.

18.40 – 19.00 around fire gathering. Good Talks Networking and Music whit free coffee, tea and snacks.

Kunsthal Aarhus event exhibition and cafe place welcome everyone

The power of symbols in different cultures and your life
The power of symbols in different cultures and your life