Kan du arve kultur?

As part of the art project: Excavating Contemporary Archaeology, Kunsthal Aarhus is organising an educational programme entitled: CAN YOU INHERIT CULTURE?

In February 2019 we are inviting selected students from the 5th and 6th grade to participate in our educational programme about Cultural Heritage, which aims to give them an introduction to the potential of using contemporary art as a place for reflection. As well as visiting the children at their schools and teaching them about cultural heritage and art, we will also give the students a more hands-on experience of using art to process and interpret cultural heritage at workshops held at Kunsthal Aarhus. Following this, we will display their artwork at an exhibition in our café on 1st-10th March 2019.

In February 2019 we will be hosting the international artists Sven Augustijnen (BE) and Sammy Baloji (CO), who both work with cultural heritage themes.
Augustijnen and Baloji are behind the two workshops where they will set the students specific tasks and provide feedback on the production of their artworks.

As an extension to the educational programme at Kunsthal Aarhus we are in 2019 developing educational material to be used for teaching Art, Danish and History. This material will include examples of the artwork relating to cultural heritage produced by both the artists and the children.

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