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Photo: Mikkel Kaldal
Photo: Mikkel Kaldal

You can borrow Spaceframe Complex for your reading group, your board meeting or your workshop. Events about learning or sustainability are particularly welcome, but other events are welcome too. However, we do not accept commercial events.

Write a little about your event and a suggestion for a time slot to curator Anne Stolten at

Bookings are usually set within our opening hours.

You can also write or contact us in our cafe if you just want to look inside the artwork.

About Spaceframe Complex

About Spaceframe Complex

It consists of three parts:

The main construction N55 Spaceframe was created by the artist group N55 (Rikke Luther, Cecilia Wendt, Jon Sørvin & Ingvil Aarbakke) in 1999-2000.

The first of the two extensions were created in 2007 by the artist group Learning Site, which consisted of two of the members from N55, namely Rikke Luther and Cecilia Wendt. It is titled Pod # 001 - Where is the Sun, Gleaning Solar Power and is created as a greenhouse with solar panels and a rainwater system.

The other extension, Pod # 002 - Parasiting Compost Unit, was created by Learning Site in 2011, which at that time only consisted of Rikke Luther. This construction originally functioned for composting of organic waste and for education of biological processes.

The work is an iconic example of an international artistic and technological movement in the 90s and 00s that focused on art as a social innovator and on do-it-yourself manuals that could democratise artistic creation.

For many years, Spaceframe Complex functioned as a houseboat on Refshalvøen in Copenhagen. Here it was placed on top of another work by N55, namely the raft Floating Platform.

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