European collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus as a front figure

Kunsthal Aarhus is the front figure of the art project Excavating Contemporary Archaeology which in the years 2018-2020 explores the diverse European cultural heritage. Through* Excavating Contemporary Archaeology* Kunsthal Aarhus and three other European art institutions will investigate how cultural heritage can inspire us with new perspectives on art, cultural history and cultural and historical identity. In accordance with this year’s slogan, Our Cultural Heritage: Where the Past Meets the Future, Excavating Contemporary Archaeology will furthermore focus on children and teenagers encounters with cultural heritage. In Denmark, France and on Cyprus we will, therefore, invite school children of 11-15 years of age to participate in an educational programme that will focus on the children's own exploration and understanding of the many possibilities of cultural heritage through their active participation. The educational programme, Your Culture – Your History: How Can You Use Cultural Heritage Today? will in Denmark involve two schools from Aarhus.

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