Kunsthal Aarhus BBC
Mira Winding, Maiken Stæhr, Sophie Nys, Eliyah Mesayer, Nicole Wemers, Mads Gamdrup, Ayşe Erkmen, Jana Euler, Esben Weile Kjær, Benoît Platéus

The kiosk Mælkebøtten – first step to visit Kunsthal Aarhus BBC
The kiosk Mælkebøtten – first step to visit Kunsthal Aarhus BBC
Oscar Yran, Castrated Uranas, teaser, 01.11.-30.11.2021
Oscar Yran, Castrated Uranas, teaser, 01.11.-30.11.2021

Kunsthal Aarhus BBC is the new branch of Kunsthal Aarhus that opens in Copenhagen the 1st of January 2021.

Kunsthal Aarhus BBC will take place on Vesterbrogade 208, 1800 Frederiksberg C, which is home to the PO Box Centre.
The measurement of the exhibition space is height 11 x width 23 x depth 38 cm.

How to visit Kunsthal Aarhus BBC:

1 – Go to the kiosk Mælkebøtten, Vesterbrogade 198, 1800 Frederiksberg C. Leave your ID card in exchange for the keys to Kunsthal Aarhus BBC (you will get your ID back, when you return the keys). In the keychain, you will find further information.
2 – Go to the PO Box Centre, Vesterbrogade 208, 1800 Frederiksberg C. Open the frontdoor with the Ruko key.
3 – Find the PO Box nr. 171 and open it with the key market with nr. 171.
4 – Voila! The current exhibition will now appear before your eyes. Remember to use hand sanitiser before and after the visit.
5 – Please return the keys to Mælkebøtten before 22 pm.

Each month during 2021 one artist is invited to exhibit at Kunsthal Aarhus BBC. Here the visitors will be able to visit and experience the exhibition in our daily opening hours between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Each exhibition opens on the first day of the month and closes on the last day of the month.
Mira Winding (B. 1992) is the first exhibiting artist from 1. January to 31. January 2021. Then, in February Maiken Stæhr will be the next artist to exhibit followed by Sophie Nys (BE) in March.

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The concept is developed by artist Pernille Kapper Williams and the former Artistic Director of Kunsthal Aarhus, Jacob Fabricius. Kunsthal Aarhus BBC meets the demand of growing interest from visitors in the capital region and the Danish Press – who for one reason or the other can not visit Kunsthal Aarhus on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
A one-to-one art experience of Kunsthal Aarhus – in Copenhagen. They believe that the exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus BBC will generate a new, intimate and unique art experience.

Kunsthal Aarhus BBC is a COVID19 friendly visiting experience. Only two people are allowed at a time. We encourage people you use hand sanitiser before and after the visit to Kunsthal Aarhus BBC.

Oscar Yran, Castrated Uranus, 01.11.-30.11.2021

The iconography of Oscar Iran’s works draws on art history, conspiracy theories and critical observations of Western-centric worldviews.

In his work Castrated Uranus for BBC, Oscar Yran juxtaposes white marble and rainbow-colored epoxy putty in a sculptural interpretation of the genealogy of the gods as told in the Theogony by the ancient Greek poet Hesiod.

The creation story relates how the god Cronus’ castrated his father, Uranus, and how the blood from the severed testicles later forms the rainbow and helps create Aphrodite, goddess of love. In the myth, power and violence begets love, emphasising the human complexities that apply at all times. Inspired by Greek mythology, Castrated Uranus questions our historical frame of reference and its contemporary relevance.

The complexity is reflected in the work’s integration of marble as a historical, culturally charged and valuable material as a contrast to epoxy putty – a contemporary, kitsch and toxic material. The specific use of both materials in the mailbox urges reflection on their historical and present-day implications.

Oscar Yran (b. 1990, NO) is a graduate of the Funen Art Academy and has exhibited at the National Gallery of Denmark, the Prague National Gallery and Vejle Kunstmuseum.

Benoît Platéus, Cool-Headed Gloves, 01.10.-31.10.2021

Benoît Platéus (b. 1972, BE) explores the boundaries of digital and analogue technologies

Esben Weile Kjær, Letters to Julian Luxford, 01.09.-30.09.2021

In his contribution to Kunsthal Aarhus BBC, Esben Weile Kjær exhibits a series of letters addressed to Julian Luxford: a spinoff character from the tale of Robin Hood who is obsessed with all that glitters while also trying to figure out how his existence can be more than just an image.

Letters to Julian Luxford is part of a larger narrative. A narrative that unfolds on different platforms and in different guises, as if creating a Hollywood alter ego for Esben himself.

Visitors are free to rifle through the letters to Luxford. The letters add a written dimension to Julian Luxford’s visual, fleeting appearances at, among other things, art fairs, department store façades, in fashion magazines and in merchandise collections in fashion stores.

Jana Euler, The Perspective of the Sender, 01.08.-31.08.2021

For Kunsthal Aarhus BBC, Jana Euler (b. 1982 DE) exhibits the sculptural work The Perspective of the Sender

Ayşe Erkmen, 01.07.-31.07.2021

Ayşe Erkmen (b. 1949, TR) often creates ambiguous spaces by intertwining life and art and by taking her starting point in scenes, objects and situations from everyday life, intervening in and transforming them

Mads Gamdrup, Complementary, 01.06.-30.06.2021

In his practice, Mads Gamdrup (b. 1967) examines the photographic media and its possibilities and limitations.

Nicole Wermers, Public Knees, 01.05.-31.05.2021

In her practice, Nicole Wermers examines the surfaces and structural role of design to discuss how we perceive and explore urban spaces and their social, cultural and economic impact and influence on their surroundings.

Eliyah Mesayer, Wait in line. Wait your turn. Admit one. Free ride to a new nation, 01.04.-30.04.2021

Through video, photographs, words, performances and installations, Eliyah Mesayer (b. 1987)

Sophie Nys, Mnemosyne, 01.03-31.03.2021

Sophie Nys (b. 1974, BE) uses sculpture, photography, installation art, video and text in her subtly humorous, whimsical explorations of philosophical, historical, political and artistic issues

Maiken Stæhr, Poetic Logistics, 01.02-28.02.2021

Maiken Stæhr (b. 1992) works in a field where sculpture, movement and performance intersect, combining performative experiments with sculptural interventions

Mira Winding, All My Boyfriends Are Soldiers, 01.01.-31.01.2021

Mira Winding (b. 1992)

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