KP, Spring & Solo

The Artists’ Easter Exhibition, also known as KP, is one of the five nationally recognized open juried exhibitions in Denmark.

KP values both tradition and renewal and gives established artists as well as new talents the opportunity to introduce their works to a larger audience. Current trends in art are introduced through the jury’s selection.

The jury consists of five arts professionals and performing artists. They review all works and select the art pieces to be exhibited, on basis of artistic quality criteria.
The 2015 jury is: Kirsten Justesen, Peter land, Gudrun Hasle, Milena Bonifacini and Jacob Bjørn.

As one of the more prominent censored exhibitions in Denmark, KP differs by not only exhibiting the works chosen by the jury, but also – by way of the SPRING exhibition – to continue the work with a select group of former KP exhibitors.

Exhibitors at SPRING15 are:
Laura Stamer
Katrine Hvid
Søren Lyngsø Knudsen

For the first time since 2012, KP has decided to invite a particularly interesting artist to create a solo exhibition. The artist is chosen among former SPRING exhibitors, and the criteria of the selection are artistic quality, originality and artistic potential.

The SOLO artist 2015 is:
Jette Hye Jin Mortensen

Excerpt from the Jette Hye Jin Mortensen catalogue text:
"In this exhibition our gaze is turned towards ourselves, and man is analyzed in a biochemical perspective of a rock from space, the Murchison meteorite. Perhaps a stone with a radically different opinion on how we are all hierarchically linked to our surroundings? From the meteorite's perspective, bacterial cultures from the stomach, and not the brain, are seen as a governing, collective intelligence, and the cultural tradition of the artist's epigenetic becomes the basis for a close relationship with the silk worm ".

Jette Hye Jin Mortensen b. 1980 in South Korea, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 and has exhibited in numerous museums, biennials and art centers in Denmark and abroad.

Events during the exhibition period:

Jury talk:
Monday 6 April, 3pm. Milena Bonifacini and Jacob Bjørn. Moderator, Trine Rytter Andersen

SOLO talk:
Wednesday 22 April, 7pm. Jette Hye Jin Mortensen. Moderator, Trine Rytter Andersen

Presentation of the publication SPRING15 - mere end et almindeligt udstillingskatalog.
Wednesday 22 April - evening

Presentation of the Audience prize:
Friday 1 May, 5pm

Friday 1 May, 5-8pm

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Claus Holger Dahl, Engelsk Strand 5
Claus Holger Dahl, Engelsk Strand 5