Map of random details

The artist E.B. Itso has created an artwork that was distributed to 5,000 households in Aarhus and Kibæk in the week leading up to the autumn holidays of 2022. The work of art is called Kort over tilfældige detaljer. It is a map that unfolds the scene of Central Jutland based on two tours in the central Jutland countryside in 2021.

E.B. Itso is known for his ability to discover, explore and create narratives about overlooked sides of the public space that we think we know. With the map in hand, you can explore your local environment and find the random details that E.B. Itso has found in his travels.

The project is created in collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus and Deep Forest Art Land on the initiative of curator Mikkel Hammer Elming. The work is available for free collection at Kunsthal Aarhus. The project is supported by Region Midtjylland.

'Map of random details'. Photo: E.B. Itso.
‘Map of random details’. Photo: E.B. Itso.