Danish Artist Uffe Isolotto Presents New Work For Kunsthal Aarhus’ Park

Uffe Isolotto works with sculpture and digital media. His work often deals with the plausible absurd state of being human, in a very romantic and aesthetic sense. The conceptual construction underlining the work is built up through a layered research and production process, which makes space for a somewhat poetic reading.

Universal Serial Bus is a work that addresses the current human condition. The work takes its name from the expansion of the acronym USB; the port used to plug in your device, to transfer information or charge your battery. When you expose your device, by hooking it up to a bigger circuit with the electrical umbilical cord, you become vulnerable. The interconnectedness of beings, through inanimate things, has become a base for our understanding of ourselves, the individual. Not the universe, not the mass, not the omnibus.

Opening: 15 June, 5pm (double opening with the exhibition iwillmedievalfutureyou6)