Action Paint MMXVIII
Kristoffer Akselbo, Maiken Bent, Benedikte Bjerre, Peter Bonde / Claus Carstensen, Magnus Frederik Clausen, Torben Ribe, Maya Stefania Wibling, Pernille Kapper Williams, Christian Falsnaes.

Action Paint MMXVIII is an innovative art project by Kunsthal Aarhus and Aarhus Festuge. 10 artists create artworks which the participants shoot at with paintballs. The works are completed during the paintball fights. The artworks will be exhibited in Aarhus during Aarhus Festuge, 31 August – 9 September 2018 and videos from the action-packed games will be shown at Aarhus Kunsthal.

The participants will – besides a fun and unusual experience – receive a unique wolf sticker designed by Kristoffer Akselbo, one of the participating artists.

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