Willy Ørskov
Sort granit fra Congo

Sort Granit fra Congo was created by the Aarhus-based artist Willy Ørskov in 1977. That same year, the work was placed on the lawn in front of what was then the main entrance of Kunsthal Aarhus in J.M. Mørks Gade.

The sculpture is a classic example of outdoor art done in granite, drawing on art-historical traditions for the processing of materials.

But the sculpture is also part of a revolt against the romantic notion that art should be a shortcut to the human mind, charged with special meaning and significance.

‘The content of sculpture is sculpture’, Ørskov is quoted as saying. His oeuvre is characterised by an absence of recognisable subjects or narratives.

As part of the postmodernist movement of the 1970s, Ørskov opposed any interpretation of his sculptures. Instead, Ørskov applied the concept of reading.

Willy Ørskov (1920–1990, DK) was a graduate from Valands Konstskola in Gothenburg, Sweden. From 1978 to 1984 he was a professor of sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Sort Granit fra Congo is a permanent installation in the Sculpture Park of Kunsthal Aarhus.

Material: Granite

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Photo: Mikkel Kaldal, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2019
Photo: Mikkel Kaldal, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2019