Willy Ørskov
Sort granit fra Congo

Aarhus-born artist Willy Ørskov created the sculpture Sort Granit fra Congo (Black Granite from Congo) in 1977. The same year it was placed on the lawn by the former main entrance of Kunsthal Aarhus by J.M. Mørks Gade. It is a classic example of an outdoor granite sculpture, and the artwork points to art historical processing of this type of material.

Ørskov wanted to break with Romantic ideas of art beeing a gateway into the human mind and his sculptural work is therefore characterised by an absence of recognition, motive and narrative. A classic Ørskov quote is: “The content of the sculpture is the sculpture”. The sculpture was not to be an object for interpretation, but for reading, as it was typically phrased during this period. When he was young Ørskov worked with ceramics, which lead him to an abstract sculptural language, where blocks, walls, branches and crates were central.

Sort Granit fra Congo is a permanent installation.

Materials: Granite

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Willy Ørskov, Sort granit fra Congo, 1977
Willy Ørskov, Sort granit fra Congo, 1977