Jillian Mayer

Jillian Mayer (1986, USA), Slumpies, 2018

Slumpies is a series of colourful sculptures created by US artist Jillian Mayer, who intends them to prop up the human body.

‘When I was in public, I noticed people with their chins resting against their necks and their eye gaze low towards their phone screens, which was positioned around their sternum level,’ explains Jillian Mayer. ‘These people were all in public doing very social things, yet they needed or preferred to tend to their digital worlds. I wondered if there was a way to create an object allowing participants to use their phone, while simultaneously engaging and disengaging from the environment they were physically present in’.

Each of the fourteen sculptures in the Kunsthal Aarhus Sculpture Park has its own unique shape and size, creating ideal conditions for each person to arrange themselves exactly as they prefer – standing, sitting or lying down.

‘There are no explicit directions for how to approach each piece, but visitors are permitted to interact with the works freely. A funny little dance occurs when a person is trying to figure how best to control their body into a structure that allows interaction’, says the artist.

Slumpies is likely to have a build-in expiry date. As technology evolves, the ergonomic sculptures will lose their relevance as furniture. ‘In several years we are not going to be holding phones the same way we do currently and Slumpies will just be sculptures’, points out Mayer.

The fourteen sculptures were installed in the sculpture park in November 2018 by Jillian Mayer herself. Visitors and passers-by can interact with the sculptures independently of the opening hours of Kunsthal Aarhus.

Jillian Mayer (b. 1986, USA) resides in Miami and graduated from Florida International University in 2007.

Slumpies was exhibited at Roskilde Festival in 2018. They were also exhibited at Ofelia Plads in Copenhagen that same year.

Material: Foam plastic, jesmonite, fiberglass plates, epoxy resin,
acrylic paint, plywood

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Photo: Mikkel Kaldal, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2019
Photo: Mikkel Kaldal, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2019
Photo: Mikkel Kaldal, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2019
Photo: Mikkel Kaldal, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2019