FOS’ artwork Hypernormalization (2017) is placed by the entrance path on the corner of J.M. Mørks Gade and Christiansgade. The artwork is made of burned larch and was originally created for an exhibition at the French Embassy in Copenhagen, where it marked the transition from Danish to French territory. At Kunsthal Aarhus Sculpture Park it represents both a physical and psychological portal to contemporary art.

FOS is internationally acclaimed for his uncompromising artworks that investigate the relations of art and design. Through his practice he often merges functionality with popular culture and explores how our physical surroundings and social relations influence each other. The works are placed in common spaces, where they become points of interaction and experience between people. Thereby, he combines art, design and architecture in a hybrid form of art, which FOS himself refers to as ‘Social Design’.

Materials: Larch 3

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FOS, Hypernormalization, 2017
FOS, Hypernormalization, 2017