The Song of the Spheres

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Tabita Rezaire's performance at this. is called ‘The Song of the Spheres’ and explores the sonic landscapes of the celestial realms. Taking the form of a lecture-listening-observation, the work shares stories on sound in space from different perspective, namely cosmological, scientific and yogic.

There are three parts to the performance and each addresses a particular relationship between sound and space. Each part is approximately 20 minutes.

The sound of creation
The first part takes a cosmological approach to explore the sound of creation.

In this part Tabita will share different stories of creation from around the world which have in common a sonic beginning of the universe. Native American, Ancient Egyptian, babylonian, Vedic tradition, Dogon of Mali, Bible, among others.

She will also speak of the scientific cosmology of the big bang as a ‘sonic event’ and talk about the Cosmic Background Microwave radiation. From there, she’ll explore the science of cymatics and the effect of sound on matter.

The song of stars
This is the part that will dive into asteroseismology, explaining the sonic manifestation of astral oscillation. The idea is to have a more scientific approach to sound in space. If the weather allows, we will observe something in relation to what has been said. If the weather does not permit observation however, you will get information on the ‘sounds of stars’ and maybe listen to some recordings.

Sound of the inner sky
The last part is a meditation on the sound of the inner sky. In yogic philosophy, the body is a map of the sky. Each planets of our solar system are associated with an energy center in our body. So Tabita will lead a inner planet meditation and end the performance with a gong bath.

Tabita Rezaire: Inner Fire, 2016
Tabita Rezaire: Inner Fire, 2016