The Blow: Koncert og foredrag

Free entry
  • 80 kr.

The Blow is an American experimental electro-pop band consisting of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne. The Blow employs popular music as a starting point to investigate and explore other types of media and artistic expression. The duo’s live shows consist of music, performance and monologue, and incorporates analogue instruments, synths and samplers.

The Blow curates WOMANPRODUCER, an archive of female, trans– and non-binary producers, engineers and sound innovators. They have held a series of artist talks, where they discuss The Blow as performance art and questions pop as a meaningful form of performance.

Khaela Maricich works with performance art and is the creator of The Blow. Melissa Dyne has a background in installation and conceptual art focussing on the physical elements of sound and light.

Concert and lecture: 7 April, 7–9pm

Price for entry and 1 beer / soda /wine: 80 kr.

Photo: Sasha Engelmann
Photo: Sasha Engelmann