GO EXTREME Talk / About E-sport


For the exhibition GO EXTREME at Kunsthal Aarhus, the Danish artist Søren Thilo Funder has created a complete installation that thematises E-sport and examines our relationship to this phenomenon. He has built a lifesize version of a Counter Strike track, and he shows a video artwork with recordings of e-sports players.


In connection to this, Kunsthal Aarhus, in collaboration with Aarhus Festuge, organises a talk about E-sport. What kind of phenomenon are we dealing with when the world of sports moves into virtual reality? How do players train, and what does it take to become an e-sport athlete? And what can art open up of thoughts and reflections when it thematises E-sport?

Rasmus Møller Thomsen, Head of Esport, AGF
Morten Saxtorff Andreasen
Søren Thilo Funder, artist
Mark Kristensen, Sørby Esport
Peter Ole Pedersen, GO EXTREME Curator/moderator