Screen Shots with Rosa Menkman and Mario Klingemann

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Kunsthal Aarhus, Galleri Image and the University of Aarhus present the second out of two Screen Shot-sessions. In this second session, artists Rosa Menkman and Mario Klingemann will present their work.

Rosa Menkman: Untie&&Dis/Solve: Digital Resolutions

While in the digital realm, the term resolution is often simplified to just mean a number of pixels – the width and height – of a screen, Rosa Menkman propose to also consider the depth beyond the screen as part of its resolution. In the depth of the screen, protocols and other (proprietary) standards, together influence the final resolutions that the technology produces.

It is within the depths beyond the screen that reflections on the technical procedures and tradeoffs made by the programmer (or artist) take place. There, beyond (behind) the screen, is where standard settings, interfaces and other forms of power (i.e. habits and norms), technically resolve the image and make it visible on the screen. A resolution is thus the result of a consolidation (or a merging) between materialities of objects, and its standards and interfaces, the rules that shape data in order for it to be stored, shown, moved and connected to and between technologies.

In short: a resolution is a compromise between different actors. The cost of all of these media resolutions - standards encapsulated inside standard encapsulations - is that we have gradually become unaware of the choices and compromises they represent.

Rosa Menkman (1983, Arnhem, NL) is a Dutch artist, curator and researcher.

Mario Klingemann: Instruments of Creation (Neurography)

The ability to wield tools is one of the core qualities that define humanity. The evolution of human culture has always run parallel to the evolution of the tools and instruments at our disposal. Machine learning and what is commonly known as artificial intelligence is a very recent instrument that we have created and we are starting to apply it to all possible areas, including the creation of art. As with any instrument it takes time to learn how to use it skillfully or how play it masterfully. Mario Klingemann has been experimenting with the possibilities to create visual art with artificial neural networks for several years and is beginning to understand the potential and limitations of these instruments. In his talk he will give insights into his process and show some of the latest developments in this fast-moving field.

Mario Klingemann is an artist working with algorithms and data.

About Screen Shots

Screen Shot is a series of 3 talks over two events with artists who work and experiment with contemporary apparatus of image making. The series of talks is curated by Magda Tyżlik-Carver, Assistant Professor in the department of Digital Design and Information Studies, at Aarhus University, in collaboration with Galleri Image and Kunsthal Aarhus and with support from Humans and IT Research Centre and Digital Aesthetics research group at Aarhus University.

Screen Shots is a part of a research project entitled Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image which investigates image as a hybrid, networked and performed by human and nonhuman agents. Part of the project is a symposium and an exhibition which will take place in Galleri Image in March and April 2019.

Illustrations: Mario Klingemann and Rosa Menkman
Illustrations: Mario Klingemann and Rosa Menkman