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From the Pink Sand is a vinyl record that rethinks musical composition in a sculptural and scenographic context. The vinyl record is launched in relation to artist Ursula Nistrup’s solo exhibitions From the Pink Sand at Holstebro Kunstmuseum (23.02.2019–19.05.2019) and Cosmic Desert at Kunsthal Aarhus (22.03.2019–14.04.2019). The vinyl record is created as a collaboration between Ursula Nistrup, sound designer Peter Albrecthsen and cellist, singer and composer Cæcilie Trier. From the Pink Sand contains two compostions that each refer to a work in the exhibitions; Tzeela, a range of sculptures from From the Pink Sand at Holstebro Kunstmuseum and Journey into Deep Materiality, a video work at Kunsthal Aarhus. The vinyl record is thus both a musical exhibition catalogue and an independent composition.

The music is inspired by the desert sand and the geological, biological, cultural and mythological stories surrounding it. The compostions are connected to a specific type of desert glass that can be found in the Western part of the Sahara Desert close to the Libyan border. This unique type of glass was presumably created when a metorite struck the area 29 million years ago, and the high temperatures of the impact immediately transformed the desert sand into glass. The compositions also relates to butterflies who have taught themselves to eat desert sand, and to a Bedouin tribe who can communicate with each other by song during desert storms. The compostions are envisioned as aural journeys into the wondrous universe of desert sand, in which the history and forces of the Earth ’resonates’ with the evolution of both human and non–human life.

Peter Albrecthsen has used various recordings from deserts and wind across the world for the soundtrack for From the Pink Sand. This mix is also inspired by the science fiction novel Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor (2010). In the novel it is described how a nomadic tribe moves around both in and along with a desert storm. This tribe uses the whirl of the sand to make themselves invisible and their names begin with letters that can be heard through the wind. Ursula Nistrup has elaborated on this idea and the voices of the Tzeela sculptures, song by Cæcilie Trier, moves both with and against the overall soundtrack of the sand and wind. Nistrup explains that she also got inspiriation from Lebanese singer Fairouz with the desire to provide the Tzeela’s with voices that dissolves in the sand and wind, thereby forming a new language of echoes and layers.

With From the Pink Sand Nistrup, Trier and Albrechtsen adds a new sensoric and epistemic cross-aesthetic dimension to musical composition.

At the vinyl record launch PhD and curator Peter Ole Pedersen will discuss the soundmix and artist William Kudahl will read from a poetic work text, which Ursula Nistrup and author Ida Marie Hede wrote for the exhibitions.

Vinyl record launch, 10.04.2019, 5–7 pm
Free entry

From the exhibition. Photo: Kåre Viemose
From the exhibition. Photo: Kåre Viemose

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