Ursula Nistrup: Cosmic Desert

Free entry

Kunsthal Aarhus invites you to the opening at Ursula Nistrup's exhibition Cosmic Desert.

The exhibition Cosmic Desert is an immersive installation by Danish artist Ursula Nistrup (b. 1974). Combining a film work and a series of jewellery objects, Nistrup conjures up a poetic and speculative narrative about geological processes and the enigmatic traces left behind by a remote past in our present day.

The pivotal hub of Cosmic Desert is the substance known as Libyan desert glass, which can be found in the western part of the Sahara near the borders of Libya. This unique type of glass was presumably created when a meteorite struck the area 29 million years ago, the high temperatures of the impact immediately transforming desert sand into glass. Scientific studies of the composition of the desert glass supports this theory, but given that no impact crater has been found in the area, the origins of this desert glass remain the object of speculation. This air of uncertainty and mystique forms the springboard of Nistrup’s exhibition.

Parallel to the exhibition in Kunsthal Aarhus, Nistrup also presents the solo show From the Pink Sand at Holstebro Kunstmuseum.

The video is created in collaboration with film photographer Adam Jandrup and sound designer Peter Albrechtsen. The jewellery objects were developed by Nistrup in collaboration with the American jewellery designer Victoria Mingot.

The exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus is curated by Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller.

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