Get In Touch With Goodiepal

Get in touch with Goodiepal, when the techno warrior visits Kunsthal Aarhus for a concert with the rock band and self-proclaimed human trafficking activist organisation 'Goodiepal and Pals' from their album Pro Monarkistisk Extratone. In 2017 the band, who by the way also have the theatre instructor Nanna Roberta Pedersen in front, donated their complete revenues for refugees outside the borders of EU, and also this event will be an occasion to raise money for refugees. The documentary The Goodiepal Equation by Sami Sänpäkkiläs, which follows Goodiepal closely in the period 2011-2017, and which was selected for CPH:DOX in March 2018, will be shown before the concert.

2 pm: Concert with the Dalin Sister Waldo. After the performance, there will be an introduction and a showing of the documentary The Goodiepal Equation at the gallery Spanien 19C.

7 pm: Concert with Goodiepal and Pals at Aarhus Kunsthal.

Ticket and price information will follow.

The event is a coorperation between Udstillingsstedet Spanien19C and Kunsthal Aarhus.