Første Torsdag: i[x] / Alex Mørch

Free entry

4 channel video and audio

Less intelligent people who have lost their spiritual sense take shelter of demigods for immediate fulfilment of material desires - Sri Srimad

We are born without ego. When we identify with our bodies and are ruled by our senses, it is called Ahankara - the false ego. The real ego is achieved by pure devotion to incorporeal energy. The work is conceived by an electronic composer, who has gone through a decade of working towards materializing electronic music. Sound is molecules made to oscillate; matter in motion. Music is not sound. Not necessarily.

Alex Mørch will complete his soloist studies later this month at the Danish Institute for Electronic Music (DIEM) with an installation concert at Musikhuset Aarhus with mobile video screens and classical singers. In Kunsthal Aarhus, the work is presented in an alternative version, which acts as a 4-channel video and audio work in itself. These are two very different compositions and experiences of the same material.

Courtesy Alex Mørch
Courtesy Alex Mørch