*Fritjof Krabbe Nørretranders: Steady Image, Shaky Hands *

Første Torsdag
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Første Torsdag is Kunsthal Aarhus’ monthly event where you can have a drink and experience artworks by the most interesting local, young artists – selected for you by Kunsthal Aarhus.

Café Kunsthal treats you with drinks and absolutely favourable prices. Bring your friend or colleague and enjoy art and cocktails of high quality in a casual atmosphere.

In March we present Steady Image, Shaky Hands by Fritjof Krabbe Nørretranders, which is a video projection and a laser level installation, that unites the extremely handheld and the extremely accurate.

The artist writes:

“The laser level throws grids onto any surface it is pointed at. The laser is self-levelling.
Its drawing system is suspended from a string or maybe balanced on surface tension so that it’s only at rest in one way.
The camera is shaking because the hands holding it are shaking. It can image anything it is pointed at, but it can be hard to see what’s being captured unless you hold it fairly still.
Any agitation will be clear to the viewer. When things calm down it is easier to show the scene as it is.”

Fritjof Krabbe Nørretranders is a student at Jutland Art Academy and has previously exhibited at Udstillingsstedet Spanien19c, Aarhus Artspace and Glyptoteket.

Første Torsdag is curated by Mikkel Elming.

Courtesy the artist
Courtesy the artist