Spor Festival: Caravan

Free entry

In the shape of a small caravan, this performative concert–installation plays with the evocation of freedom and the exploration of wild spaces, while provoking a very singular intimacy. Caravan is a home 'away from home', and a return to a nomadic state inherent in the depths of each of us. During a span of three hours, the caravan is open for visitors to explore a homely musical concept, placing the audience at the heart of the performance. One at time, a single spectator is invited into the caravan by Gwen Rouger to experience a close-up performance of composer Charlie Sdraulig's piano piece Collector a choreography of hands discovering the sonorous landscape of the keyboard. The spectator is seated right next to the performer which creates an intense, intimate and warm one-on-one relationship. Meanwhile, passers-by can glimpse into the caravan and perhaps hear a few sounds from this particular concert situation and hyper-sensitive musical zone, challenging them to question the role of the spectator.

Presented in collaboration with SPOR Festival 2018

Photo: Sasha Engelmann
Photo: Sasha Engelmann