Book Fair: Investigative Books

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Together with Swedish magazine/publisher OEI, Antipyrine invites to a concentrated book fair with more than 20 Scandinavian publishers and magazines at Kunsthal Aarhus.

Publishing books or magazines today is not just about publishing physical publications, but perhaps more than ever, about continuous work on publishing infrastructures and ecologies. The invited projects are all experimentally tuned, but work with very diverse material across art, literature, theory, history, politics, movies and music.

All in all, the book fair creates a montage of various editorial practices and stories that continually try to create new connections and communities for reading, listening, writing, thinking, discussion and criticism.

Participants: Tydningen (SE), Art Lab Gnesta (SE), OEI (med gæster: Walden & Subaltern) (SE), Torpedo (NO), Eller med A (NO), NAP (med gæster: Teknisk Industri, Harpefoss Hotell og Multipress) (NO), PUB (NO), Antipyrine (med gæster: Form & Erfaring, Laboratoriet for æstetik og økologi og Hospital Prison University archive) (DK), *[asterisk] (DK), emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten (DK), Space Poetry (DK), Resonans (DK), Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi (DK)


Preface - panel debate: publishing as an artistic and investigative practice

Bogmesse muzak: Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi (DK)

Afterword - panel debate: publishing infrastructures / infrastructures as art