Artist Talk / Randi & Katrine

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Artists Randi & Katrine possess a mutual interest for adding a narative layer to architecture and sculpture. In their perspective a house is not merely a house, but a face. Towers are not just high buildings, but bodies. And why could a pavillion not be a tea pot. Adventure, celebration and colour is the focal point, when Randi & Katrine work on their projects. They are eminently capable in working with large-scale formats as illustrated with their complete painting of M/F Ærøskøbing, the exhibition Mellem Tårne, which consisted of 11 different transformator towers and with their place-specific artworks for a two kilometres art route in relation to their retrospective exhibition at KØS.

Randi & Katrine’s works are characterised by their humanity and humour. With great psycological insight into the formation and nurishment of our longings, they actualise the images and fantasies of childhood.

Artist Talk is arranged by Århus Kunstakademi.

This talk will be held in Danish.

Photo: Andreas Omvik, Randi & Katrine
Photo: Andreas Omvik, Randi & Katrine