Film Club: Misery

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The Film Club invites you to the ultimate winter-lockdown movie: Stephen King's Misery.

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We have all become a little woozy after the godforsaken year of 2020. At the time of closing, we could add another lockdown to our score for the year in Denmark. With this movie screening, you can celebrate the way in which we came through isolation in more or less boring manners. It could have been much worse – you could have been locked up with Annie Wilkes!

Annie Wilkes is the nurse, who is fortunate enough to bump into her biggest idol – Paul Sheldon – The author of the trivial romantic novels, Misery. Or vice versa: Paul Sheldon is so unlucky to get into a car crash and fall into the hands of his biggest fan – The possessed and sadistic Annie (in an Oscar-winning performance by Kathy Bates), who, by all means, forces the bedridden writer to drop his pretensions of writing a more serious work to instead give her the next volume in the Misery series.

In a gruesome cabinet of devious characters such as the killer clown IT, Jack Torrance from The Shining and Satan himself in Needful Things, Annie Wilkes in Misery may take the prize for Stephen King's most vicious creation. Under COVID-19, the iconic author has even told that Miss Wilke's is the one from his huge personal gallery, which he least wants to be quarantined with. King also has previously revealed that "Misery is about cocaine. Annie Wilkes is cocaine. She was my number-one fan. "

Misery is introduced by the founders of the Film Club Peter Ole Pedersen and Nadia Donnerborg. Together, they will set the stage for King's nailbiting chamber play – it will be about claustrophobia, involuntary incarceration, isolation and, not least, unhealthy artist obsession. I

Introduction by Peter Ole Pedersen and Nadia Donnerborg: 20 min.
Misery length: 107 min.

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Annie Wilkes in Misery
Annie Wilkes in Misery

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