Workshop: The Open Circle

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Take part of a workshop for artists with Lisa Nyberg

”Dear artist, dear colleague,
I've missed our conversations. How are you? What are you thinking and making? These are unsettling times, no? So much is in motion. I am curious about what comes out of your hands, out of the depths of your heart and the twists and turns of your brain. I wonder if you are struggling with the same issues as I do, with the same resistance and the same doubts. I so want to be brave.
Do you want to talk about my art with me? And about yours! And about Art with a capital A.
Do you have time? I will share my time if you share yours. Can we give time and space for each other?

This is an invitation to a conversation with a small group of artists. We will start from our experiences of the critique class, but re-imagine it for our own needs and purposes. We will experiment with different ways of presenting our art, how to talk about and understand it. Then we generously share our finds with our colleagues.”

If you want to take part please register by sending an email to with a few lines about yourself and why you want to participate. You can be a student, fully educated or self-taught. A spread in age and experience will be prioritized. This workshop is part of The Ignorant Schoolmaster – An Exhibition in Five Chapters.

Lisa Nyberg is an artist based in Malmö. She works with performance, interventions, sound works and installations and is particularly interested in the knowledge and pedagogy of art. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation “Pedagogies of the Unknown” at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien.