The Void

Free entry

NB! The exhibition was planned to open 27.03.2020 but is postponed due to the current situation. Information will follow.

The shock of awareness sends shivers down your spine. Your throat constricts. The world spins as your thoughts begin to ponder the human condition. Have you ever thought about what the meaning of life is? Then welcome to The Void.

Kunsthal Aarhus invites you to the opening of the exhibition The Void by the Danish Artist Michael Würtz Overbeck (DK, 1982).

With The Void, Michael Würtz Overbeck has created a densely atmospheric exhibition, an existential void similar to what one might experience upon recognising that death is the only real truth. Not only you, but everyone you love will eventually disappear forever. How do you find a foothold when you find that the answers you seek may not exist at all? Each of the works in Würtz Overbeck’s exhibition unfolds some aspect of the sense of emptiness that can accompany such realisations.

Michael Würtz Overbeck, Not Part of Me, 2020.
Michael Würtz Overbeck, Not Part of Me, 2020.