Talk / Christina Varvia: The Murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Golden Dawn

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Language: English

On 7 October 2020, Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazi organisation, was indicted for its criminal activities after 5.5 years of court proceedings. Golden Dawn that operated as a criminal organisation for decades, also held seats at the Greek parliament, making this trial the most significant legal confrontation of a nazi party since the Nuremberg tribunals. This lecture will present the analysis of one of the key cases included in the court files, the murder of the antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

Forensic Architecture was commissioned by the Fyssas family in order to reconstruct the events leading to the murder from audio and video material. The resulting video investigation and the accompanying report, presented in court in September 2018, synthesizes CCTV footage, recordings of communications between police and emergency services, and witness testimony, in order to reveal the complicity of the Greek police forces in the killing. The lecture will present a brief run-down of the events, the methodologies undertaken, and the investigative results, as well as some key reflections from conducting such an investigation from the perspective of a university-based research agency, joining forces with civil society initiatives that carried the weight of the political struggle.

Christina Varvia, currently a Research Fellow, was formerly the Deputy Director and Lead Researcher of Forensic Architecture (FA). She was trained as an architect at the Architectural Association (AA) and Westminster University, and has taught a Diploma unit (MArch) at the AA (2018-2020). She was a member of the Technology Advisory Board for the International Criminal Court (2018). Currently, Christina is pursuing her PhD at Aarhus University where her research focuses on biopolitics and imaging of the human body. She has received the Novo Nordisk Foundation Mads Øvlisen PhD Scholarship for Practice-based Artistic Research, and is also a Fellow at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

The talk is organised by the research program Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology at Aarhus University in collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus. Book a ticket