Performance: Soy Milk

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Experience five performers present the work Soy Milk, created by the artist Louise Haugaard Jørgensen in the fifth and last chapter of the exhibition "The Ignorant Schoolmaster". The work is performed in Norwegian, Swedish, English, German and Danish – in canon.

Soy Milk is based on a monologue written by Haugaard Jørgensen in Danish. In the monologue, a first-person narrator tells about being in an apartment, listening to the neighbour through the wall, talking on the phone, reading emails and chatting with a friend who lives on the other side of the Atlantic. The language flows through several channels, which are communicated and miscommunicated, interpreted, retold and accepted. As a catalyst in a transformation process, this monologue has moved through a chain of translations: from Danish to Norwegian, from Norwegian to Swedish, from Swedish to English, from English to German and back to Danish. Not like in a circle – rather an upward spiral. It is moving away from its starting point and beyond it, towards something else. The translators in the chain' Swedish, English, German and Danish part have not had the opportunity to refer to the original text that started the chain. Instead, they have followed their own sense and in this way put the text in a slide.

The narrative's gender is not described in the monologues, but the embodiment is created in different ways by the performers. Nor the narrative's gender is described directly, and this ambiguity is translated differently in different languages and illustrates how the individual language provides a specific framework within or outside we can understand and express gender that is found beyond the binary.

We have changed how you can experience Louise Haugaard Jørgensen's performance Soy Milk. Instead of showing the performance twice for a larger audience, it now appears eight times for only five at a time. Therefore, you must book one of the blocks below.

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You must show up five minutes before the performance and remember to withdraw from the event if you are unable to attend, so another person can get the experience.