Første Torsdag / SIIKU - INITUS x SPECULUM

Første Torsdag
Free entry

Visit Kunsthal Aarhus and get your hopes and dreams interpreted in light as part of a new work by the Danish/Greenlandic artist duo SIIKU.

SIIKU presents the work INITUS x SPECULUM, which consists of two illuminated mirror doors. Initus and Speculum are Latin for a start and a mirror. Meet the artists and translate your hopes, expectations and questions for the future into a Morse code, which will be programmed for lighting in the installation.

The work will be available to all of the visitors at the café. Everyone can participate in the work. If you want to be absolutely sure that you will be able to participate in the work at a certain point in time during the event, please write to me@kunsthal.dk


SIIKU – named after the Greenlandic word for ice – is a Danish/Greenlandic group of artists founded in 2017 by Rasmus Nielsen (born 1984, Lyngby) and David H. Péronard (born 1981, Nuuk) to create solidarity and empowerment in a time characterised by a climate crisis and increased global inequality. SIIKU has, among other things, exhibited at Thorvaldsens Museum, Click Festival, Copenhagen Light Festival and the cultural meeting Mors.

About Første Torsdag

About Første Torsdag
Første Torsdag is a platform for time-limited artistic experiments. Two hours each month we hand over Café Kunsthal or Kunsthal Aarhus’ outdoor areas to a new artist every time.

Første Torsdag is a monthly ‘art bar’, where the art is inevitably influenced by the social context in which it appears. Beige therapy, melting sculptures, live coding, silly walks and AI battles are just a small selection of what has taken place. The artists usually take the opportunity to try out new performative works or to give new life to an older work.

Let this be your monthly Thursday tradition. Discover the best of the new – cherry-picked for you by Kunsthal Aarhus.

In collaboration with the artist, Café Kunsthal creates a cocktail for the occasion so that the art is not only observed - it can also be consumed.

Første Torsdag is curated by Kunsthal Aarhus' curator Mikkel Elming.