Artist Talk / Karolin Schwab & Kelani Abass

Free entry
Language: English

Artist talk with Karolin Schwab and Kelani Abass

Stop by Kunsthal Aarhus for an artist talk with Karoline Schwab (DE) and Kelani Abass (NGR), the current artists-in-residencies at Malt AIR. The artists will talk about their practices and would very much like to meet colleagues and people interested in contemporary art. Please come and welcome Karoline and Abass. Also, if you have any ideas to people they should meet or places and events to see, this is your time to shine.

Artist talk at Kunsthal Aarhus in English.
Wednesday 26.02.20 4 pm. Free entry.
Option to join a free guided tour of the exhibitions at 5.30 pm.

Malt AIR
The three institutions: Maltfabrikken, Kunsthal Aarhus and Danish Art Workshop have collaborated to create a high-quality residency for professional international artists with attractive living and working facilities, and promoting development of a broad network within the Danish art scene.

The aim of MALT AIR is to help support and develop artists’ practice and research, and to encourage an exchange between Danish and international visual artists. We offer three-month residencies for two artists at a time. Each residency programme will be individually tailored in a professional artistic manner and involve network-creating activities.

Karolin Schwab (Germany)
Through her art, Karolin Schwab seeks to unfold the emotions and questions that arise in the encounter between the inner and outer landscapes; between human and nature, by creating art installations in natural landscapes and vice versa by bringing the landscape into the exhibition space in the form of sculptures and pictures.
The location of Maltfabrikken in the National park of Mols Bjerge, creates a good match with Karolin's work. Especially the geographical location by the sea front and the coast on the opposite side of the bay, inspires future works that will explore the distance and the water connecting the strait.

Kelani Abass (Nigeria)
Kelani Abass from Nigeria grew up in a family working with the traditional craft of letterpressing. Within this family business, Kelani has found his source of inspiration, as his art today deals with the craftsmanship and the technologies that the printing industry has used through time. His art unites personal stories with historical events, thus creating new narratives that comment on collective memory, time and technology. Kelani hopes to be able to benefit from the Maltfabrikken’s museum, library and archive for immersing research work.