#2 Extreme sport, fighting and war

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There exists a complex, fascinating and controversial relationship between extreme sport, fighting and war. The artist Søren Thilo Funder works directly with this complex relationship in his artwork for the exhibition Go Extreme. This evening, we will have a talk with Thilo Funder, the former MMA fighter Tania Rahmani and Adam Bencard, who is scientist and MMA practitioner. The conversation will be about fighting as a sport, the body’s relation to fighting, training and disciplining as well as the relation between war and martial arts.

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In Autumn 2020, Extreme sports athletes artists and scientist are gathering at Kunsthal Aarhus for a series of ambitiously contentious and storytelling events. The events work as a warm-up for the big exhibition project Go Extreme that is awarded the Vision Exhibition Award by the Bikuben Foundation and opens in Summer 2021.

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