You Are in My Veins

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Intimacy, sexuality and melodrama take centre stage in English-Danish artist Adam Christensen’s contribution to You Are in My Veins. Adam Christensen has created the
exhibition’s Theme Song and a film for the Aarhus bar scene screened inside the Lecoq bar and café. In the opening weekend, visitors can witness him performing live in the bunker in front of Lecoq.

Known as a performer with an intense presence, the artist combines the drama of theatre with the earnestness of a songwriter. It is difficult to say precisely where the genuinely personal ends and acting takes over when experiencing Christensen’s works, which compellingly convince us of the authenticity of the emotions expressed, giving rise to a tremulous state of transcendence and sensitivity. The perception of identity and sexuality as something that one performs, not as something given and fixed, characterises much of contemporary art. For Christensen, this fluid state of being several things at once is very pronounced.

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