Union for Open Vocalism: Earplay

Free entry

Union for Open Vocalism is a vocal association, a study group and a performance ensemble. Through performance and musical composition, the group processes vocal themes and thus performs what the group describes as open vocalism: when the voice vocalises about the voice. During Aarhus Festuge the group presents Earplay in Scandinavian Center: a listening- and sound play for the conference centre and more than ten voices.
In Earplay, the architecture of Scandinavian Center is thought of like an ear. The performance moves through the building like sound through the ear. Voices appear, memory becomes melody, melody becomes memory, the movement of the voices unfolds a drama. You are welcome to listen, and welcome to sing along.

The performance is a part of the exhibition "Leviathan", curated by the artist group Piscine (Anna Ørberg, Mark Tholander and Jens Settergren).

The performance is a part of Aarhus Festuge's program "Stemmer Bygger Bro".