Art & Artificial Life / Amalie Smith & Jacob Wamberg

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Language: Danish

’Most people would feel bad about taking a photograph of loved ones and prick out their eyes’ Professor Jacob Wamberg says in Amalie Smith’s 3D video-installation Clay Theory. This suggests that the boundaries between life and non-life may not be as fixed as we sometimes think. The family photo might magically come alive. The boundaries between living and non-living is the focal point of Smith’s artwork. Taking point of departure in human-like terracotta figurines, made of reddish-brown clay, from the Cypriot Bronze Age, the work is a speculative meditation on the origins of life, the relation between life and clay and humans desire to create life.

On this night Amalie Smith, Author and Artist, and Jacob Wamberg, Professor in Art History at Aarhus University, will continue their conversation off-screen. What is life? Will we look back at the terracotta figurines as precursors of artificial life once artificial life has become part of our everyday lives?

Kunsthal Aarhus recommends that you visit Clay Theory before the event.

The event is held in Danish.

In relation to the event Kunsthal Aarhus is open until 7pm.

Amalie Smith, Clay Theory, 2019. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal
Amalie Smith, Clay Theory, 2019. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal