Louise Lindvall: 1 REP MAX

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Do you ever wish you could make more of a difference? Are you unsure of how to realize your true political potential? Translating a weightlifter’s system for increasing explosive physical power, 1 REP MAX will help you discover and troubleshoot the mechanics of political agency. Together we will figure out what’s holding you back, where you might be going wrong, and how to fix it. Dream big. Change the world. Be the catalyst.
1 REP MAX is a performance lecture held in the meeting room at Kunsthal Aarhus, with a step-by-step troubleshooting to understand why you might not be making as much of a difference as you would like, and how to increase your ability to do so. The methods of Lindvall are thematic translations of research on how to increase your physical power in Olympic weightlifting by first identifying where your flaw is (Muscles/Tendons – Means of Execution, Willpower – Courage, Intermuscular Coordination – Organizing, Technique – Strategy) and then working out solutions based on that model.

The performance will be held in English. The performance is held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a limited number of people. Prior registration is required. Register by writing to bonjour@piscine.dk. Write number of participants and which day you would like to participate. If seats are available you will receive a confirmation.

The performance is a part of the exhibition Leviathan, curated by the artist group Piscine (Anna Ørberg, Mark Tholander and Jens Settergren).

Image: Louise Lindvall. Courtesy the Artist.
Image: Louise Lindvall. Courtesy the Artist.