At Kunsthal Aarhus, the Antipyrine Bookstore is a collaboration with independent art publisher Antipyrine. The collaboration began in the summer of 2013 with the production of various publications, research and the exhibition Reading Machines. Since then, the bookstore has further developed and now includes a wider variety of publications, especially those from small independent publishers and magazines from around the world within the field of art, literature and cultural theory. In addition, the bookstore provides special space for art writing and artist books.

The bookstore expands Kunsthal’s artistic programme, and to varying degrees, reflects and provides an additional context for the current exhibitions with specially selected and commissioned publications, and associated events including small presentation of books, lectures and book launches. Antipyrine Bookstore expects to have materials from about 60 small and large publishers by the end of 2013.

The word 'Antipyrine' means headache medicine; it brings comfort and a pain-free experience. It also features in a title of a famous play by the dadaist Trystan Tzara, 'The First Celestial Adventure of Mr. Antipyrine’, in which he warns against making Dada an ideology, and looking at everything with scepticism and doubt.

The books can be purchased directly in the Antipyrine Bookstore in Kunsthal Aarhus or be ordered from the publisher's website.

The bookshop gives 30 % students discount on Antipyrines own produced books.