12.Jan.2013 - 13.Mar.2013
  • Exhibition

Systemics #1. Certain peculiar things and ideas, often failed (or, on humans, machines and running algorithms)

Tarek Atoui

Glenn Christian


Erkki Kurenniemi

Caroline Martel

Lea Porsager

Mika Taanila

“Dead ends, losers, and inventions that never made it into a material product have important stories to tell.”
(Jussi Parikka and Erkki Huhtamo)

Beginning the programme for 2013, the exhibition Systemics #1 Certain peculiar things and ideas, often failed (or, on humans, machines and running algorithms) explores the enduring character of human invention, the desires connected to machines of various kinds, machines as tools, objects, social machines, humans as machines; and the enthusiasm for the future in which technology plays a crucial part.

Three characters are introduced: Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), English mathematician and writer; Jane Heap (1883-1964), American avant-garde publisher; and Erkki Kurenniemi (1941-), Finnish artist and inventor. Together they form a partial history of the last two centuries that intersects with creativity and technology in peculiar ways: from the writing of the first computer program, to an engagement with the spirit world and consciousness, to the idea of producing a digital template for all human life in the future. These are relatively forgotten and hidden stories of possibilities and impossibilities; of inventions and failures, of lost ideas or things that never really worked, stories re-told for their importance today in stressing the power of human imagination outside standard narratives of progress.

Tarek Atoui, Discrete Random Variables (2013). Commissioned by Kunsthal Aarhus. Supported by The Danish Arts Council and DIVA.
Glenn Christian, writings: My friend Luigi! (2013), inspired by Ada Lovelace (1815-1852); Dear jk (2013), inspired by Jane Heap (1883-1964); Note: (2013), inspired by Erkki Kurenniemi (1941- ). Commissioned by Kunsthal Aarhus.
Constant (Nicolas Malevé, Michael Murtaugh), Data Radio: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048) (2013), Live webradio stream. Commissioned by Kunsthal Aarhus. Supported by The Danish Arts Council and DIVA.
Erkki Kurenniemi, In 2048: Studio Works (2013), Finland, Mixed media including sound machines: Electric Quartet (1968), DICO (1969), DIMI-A (1970) and DIMI-S (1972); diaries (audio tapes, video tapes, handwritten and computer-typed), generative computer animations, old computers, photos, short films, 8mm / 16mm home films, DIMI Ballet (1971) recording of demonstration of DIMI-O electronic performance device. Produced in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki University, Finnish National Gallery / Central Art Archives, Helsinki.
Caroline Martel, The Phantom of the Operator (2004), Canada, 66:00, Col/BW, single channel documentary film, produced by Productions Artifact.
Lea Porsager, Mesmerized Machines now Vibrating Angry Machine of Mystical Knowledge Making No Compromise with the Public (2013), mixed media installation including film, metal, image, text. Commissioned by Kunsthal Aarhus.
Mika Taanila, The Future Is Not What It Used To Be / Tulevaisuus ei ole entisensä (2002), Finland, 52:00, single channel documentary film. Production Ulla Simonen, Lasse Saarinen/Kinotar.

Friday 11 January 12.00-14.00 Press Opening
18.00-19.00 Exhibition Opening: Welcome by Joasia Krysa (Artistic Director of Kunsthal Aarhus) and Jette Gejl (Chair of Danish Arts Council).
19.00-19.30 Poetry Reading: Glenn Christian
19.30-20.00 Performance: DIMIs re-connected (2013), with Tarek Atoui, Kai Lassfolk, Mikko Ojanen, Jari Suominen.

Saturday 12 January
13.00 Exhibition Guided Tour: with Mathias Kokholm (editor and curator, independent publisher Edition After Hand). In Danish.
14.00-16.00 Conversation: On Three Characters (Ada Lovelace, Jane Heap, Erkki Kurenniemi), with participating artists, curators and researchers: Lea Porsager, Mika Taanila, Kai Lassfolk, Mikko Ojanen, Jari Suominen, Perttu Rastas, Joasia Krysa.
17.00-18.00 Performance: DIMIs demo (2013), with Kai Lassfolk, Mikko Ojanen, Jari Suominen.

January 9-12 Workshops: Tarek Atoui 28 February - 5 March Workshops: Tarek Atoui
4 March 18.00-19.00 Performance: Tarek Atoui 5 March 17.00-19.00

Special screening and artist presentation: Caroline Martel 11 March 11.00-16.00

Workshop: Constant, in connection with their project Data Radio: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048), audio annotating live by the participants and algorithms. 1

2 March 11.00-17.00 Panel: Sound + Art: Curating Archives. Participants include Constant Association for Art and Media, Perttu Rastas, Christian Leifelt, Martin Luckmann, Mogens Jacobsen, Joasia Krysa, Morten Søndergaard. Organised in partnership with LARM, Kolding Design University and Art / Technology, Aalborg University. This seminar is part of a series of seminars to be held at the ZKM and other international venues across 2013 and 2014. It is combined with an open call for papers to appear in a LEA (Leonardo Electronic Almanac) special issue on Sound Art Curating in 2014. Systemics Series runs across 2013-14, and explores systems thinking and the interconnectedness of all things. Supported by Danish Arts Council, DIVA, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Designit, Edition After Hand, Finnish National Gallery / Central Art Archives, Helsinki, Goethe Institute, Helsinki University, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Jutland Art Academy, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, VE2, Scandic, ABC Mix, Antalis, Thorsen, Stark, Lumen.

DIMIs RE-CONNECTED from Kunsthal Aarhus on Vimeo.



Mika Taanila

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