13.May.2017 - 20.May.2017
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Rond-Point Projects: Anywhere Out Of The Book

Eva Barto

Pauline Bastard

Caspar Heinemann

Richard John Jones

Huw Lemmey

Anne-Sophie Turion

Camilla Wills

Anywhere Out Of The Book is an editorial and curatorial project by Marseille-based project space Rond-Point Projects intended to explore the subversive and inquisitorial potentials of art, fiction and poetry. A group of international artists and writers will produce a collective publication using self-publishing and “in house” printing methods. Their working sessions in Aarhus and in Marseille will include moments of public presentation and events in which a wider audience is invited to participate in creating the world beyond the book.

17 may, 7–9pm
Theory Tuesdays (on a Wednesday). Reading group with the participants from Anywhere Out Of The Book

Tekst / Text: “Anywhere out of the world” by Charles Baudelaire.

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18 May, 10am–1pm
Google Memories
Creative writing workshop with writer and artist Huw Lemmey. Following Lemmey’s writing in the fields of psycho-geographies and urban space, the workshop will explore memory, experience and the imagery of our cities on Google maps. Please bring a laptop or tablet and other equipment necessary for your writing.


19 May, 3–4pm
Happiness to take part in Art Weekend Aarhus
Performances, readings and presentations by participants from Anywhere Out Of The Book


19 May, 9pm–00
Borrowed Body (Art Weekend Aarhus after-party)
David Bowie karaoke performance night with ceremony and costumes by Camilla Wills & Richard John Jones

All events are in English. All are welcome.


Rond-Point Projects: Anywhere Out Of The Book is part of The Timeshare Project, which marks Kunsthal Aarhus’ 100 year anniversary.


The Timeshare Project
Like a timeshare holiday home, Kunsthal Aarhus will host five international art institutions in the spring of 2017. Each taking turn, they will present weeklong curatorial and editorial projects in the kunsthal’s octagonal exhibition space, for example in the form of talks, performances, screenings, displays, installations or editorial meetings. Following these five visits, the institutions will produce individual publications, which constitute the project’s second timesharing format. By transporting the reader back to recent, distant or virtual pasts – or into the future, a publication effectively serves as a time machine that grants us access to other moments in time. In 2017 Kunsthal Aarhus celebrates its 100th anniversary. As a kunsthal in the original sense of the term, Kunsthal Aarhus does not have a collection where we can consult and negotiate this century of exhibition making. The Timeshare Project in turn substitutes recollection with timesharing as a collective, border-crossing contemporary practice.




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