16.Mar.2018 - 06.Jan.2019
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In 2018 Kunsthal Aarhus presents the following exhibitions: 

Lasse Krog Møller: Ephemera Mundi - Den oversete verden

The retrospective solo exhibition of Lasse Krog Møller’s oeuvre focuses in a documentary approach on the surprising and fascinating qualities in the objects we otherwise tend to overlook, or completely ignore. By looking retrospectively at the extensive collections of objects that have been central to Krog Møller’s artistic practice over the past 20 years, the exhibition challenges the public’s perception of what is information and memories worth preserving. The collections consist of everday items such as shopping bags, gloves, hair clips, letters, messages, photos, cigarette butts and other lost or left-over items from the street.

Curated by Peter Ole Pedersen

Exhibition period: 16 March – 27 May 2018


Post Institutional Stress Disorder

Post Institutional Stress Disorder (PISD) is a diagnosis that unfolds as a cumulative group exhibition throughout 2018. On the opening day, the exhibition will consist of only one work, but when it closes just under 10 months later the exhibition space will be packed full of works comprising sculpture, photography, video, paintings, etc. The title of the exhibition is a play on PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a psychological disorder that can develop as a consequence of one or more traumatic experiences. The exhibition is, however, not concerned with traumatic experiences related to war or other instances of extreme stress, but to our experiences with institutions and how they influence our lives. The works in the exhibition explore our interaction with state institutions and the sense of powerlessness one might experience when confronted with such systems.

Works by: Jes Brinch, Cameron Rowland, Carolyn Lazard, Michael Smith, Sara Deraedt, Henrik Olesen, Harun Farocki, Andrea Fraser, Julia Scher, Adrian Piper, Jesse Darling A.O. Works are added continuously. 

Exhibition period: March 16, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Opening: March 16, 2018, 5pm


KP18 & SPRING18 

The Artists’ Easter Exhibition (KP) is one of five nationally acclaimed open-juried exhibitions in Denmark. The purpose of The Artists’ Easter Exhibition is to provide the opportunity for established artists as well as new talents to introduce their work for a greater audience. By means of selection by the jury, some of the current art trends are expressed and introduced. The censored exhibition produces tradition and renewal at the same time. New ideas appear on the art scene every year which in turn indicates the direction of which art is moving. This is based on content, expression and the media used by the contributing artists.

The jury of 2018 consists of five Danish visual artists, authors and curators: Claus Ejner, Uffe Isolotto, Elsebeth Jørgensen, Sofie Bird Møller and Christian Vind

For SPRING18, the KP Board has invited three artists: Mette Riise Kristensen, Noelia Mora Solvez and Ragnar Stéfansson to develop and display large-scale individual projects in cooperation with each other and with supervisor, visual artist Peter Land.

SPRING18 is displayed as an overall installation, shown in conjunction with The Artists' Easter Exhibition in the lower galleries of Kunsthal Aarhus.  

Exhibition period: 17 March – 15 April

Opening: 17 March 2pm – 5pm


Afgang 18 - Det Jyske Kunstakademi

Kunsthal Aarhus presents Afgang 18, the final exhibition for the six artists graduating from Det Jyske Kunstakademi (The Jutland Art Academy) in 2018.

Exhibitors: Olga Benedicte, Holger Højbjerg, Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen, Sophia Ioannou Gjerding, Freja Niemann Lundrup and Nushan Rose Roshani

Curated by Iben Elmstrøm

Exhibition period: 26 April 2018 – 3 June 2018

Opening: 26 April 2018, 4pm – 7pm



In the summer of 2018 Kunsthal Aarhus presents the third edition in a series of group exhibitions dedicated to artistic voyages through time and space, back and forth. The artists present absurd and dystopian portrayals of our current era, and through the works the exhibition seeks to reflect the primitive aspects of our present day and our potential future. The exhibition can be seen as an epic tale of the future, displaying our dreams and fantasies, their meltdowns and merging.

Exhibition period: 15 June – 23 September 2018


Sidsel Meineche Hansen: End-user

Young Danish artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen's exhibition will include both new and existing works. Sidsel Meineche Hansen is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2007, she has studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt and received an MA in Research Architecture from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a Professor at Funen Art Academy in Odense. Meineche Hansen works with materials such as woodcut, sculpture and computer-generated images and virtual reality animation, and focusses on the complexity of the body in industries such as the pharmaceutics, pornography and technology. Meineche Hansen has taught at, amongst others, CalArts in Los Angeles and Goldsmiths University of London. She also helped to create the artist collective Model Court in London.

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with SMK, Copenhagen, and KunstWerke, Berlin.

Exhibition period: 6 July – 23 September 2018

Gallery 4, 5


Steinar Haga Kristensen: The Work of Art and The Spiritualization of Self-empowerment

Steinar Haga Kristensen (b. 1980) uses painting, sculpture, 3D-animation, blankets, ready-made objects and performance in his staged total installations. It is a cornucopia of equal parts absurd ideas, social criticism and humoristic comments regarding the role of the artist.

Exhibition period: 5 October 2018 – 6 January 2019 


Jos de Gryter & Harald Thys

The Belgian artists Jos de Gryter and Harald Thys have collaborated since the 1980’s. Through their many-facetted artistic approach – including installation, video, drawing, sculpture, performance and photography – the artist duo visualises their conception of the parallel world which inhabits the modern, human psyche. They are drawn to that which society cannot digest nor tame. Their dark repertoire of works is characterised by tragicomic, terrifying and absurd manifestations of everyday life and societal compliances. The result is a ruthless perspective on reality.  

Exhibition period: 5 October 2018 – 6 January 2019




Ephemera Mundi - Den oversete verden