12.Sep.2013 - 06.Feb.2014
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Culture 2017: The Perfect Institution

Søren Friis Møller


Søren Bechmann

Kathrin Luz

Neil Cummings

Koyo Kouoh

Tom Trevor

The Perfect Institution is a series of events that offer a step-by-step guide to constructing an art institution that responds to future cultural and economic conditions ­ -­ not only adapting to changes but pre-empting them.

In the run up to 2017 -­ which has a two-fold significance as both the year Aarhus is European Capital of Culture and the year that Kunsthal Aarhus celebrates its centenary - ­ we propose a collective exercise in imagining 'perfect' scenarios for an art institution of the future. Yet this is not to be thought of as science fiction but a series of propositions and discussions on future possibilities with a quite pragmatic purpose.

We propose a programme of events across the fields of culture and business, that take the format of public talks open to the general public as well as closed workshop sessions, dealing with questions such as:

- how to organise the art institution, what are the models?
- how to identify the core business of the institution and articulate it to stakeholders?
- how to implement principles of service design service into a cultural context?
- how to communicate the institution externally?
- how to develop methodologies for constructing future scenarios?

Who can benefit?
The programme is specifically designed for cultural managers and agents, cultural politicians, producers, curators, artists, entrepreneurs, funders, staff and board members of art / cultural institutions.

How you can participate?
Book your place by contacting Kunsthal Aarhus.

The public talks are free. The workshop sessions are aimed at arts professionals with a cost per session of kr 500, or full series of talks kr. 2000.


Public talk:  1-2pm
Closed session (booking required): 3-6pm

12 September 2013
Søren Friis Møller (Copenhagen Business School) on models of cultural organisations.

23 October 2013
Counterculture (London) on identifying the core business of an institution and formulating mission statements.

21 November 2013
Søren Bechmann (Aarhus) on the principles of service design.

28 November 2013
Kathrin Luz (Kathrin Luz Communication, Koln) on communicating institutions.

11 December 2013
Neil Cummings (artist, Professor of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London) on imagining future scenarios.

February 2014 (exact date tbc)
Koyo Kouoh (Raw Material Company, Dakar) on Condition Report - survey of international art institutions.

To book please email: coordinator@kunsthal.dk