05.Apr.2017 - 01.Aug.2017
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Sound, literature and film programme 2017

Most people associate archives with dust-filled rooms that help us organize cultural phenomenon, historical documents or personal data from the past. The archive is so much more, and as of late, it has undergone a regular artistic revival.

This has been going on as part of exhibitions and artist’s preoccupation with the archive as a certain format or cultural expression, but also through the open access to archives brought about by the digital age. Now they are no longer limited to state-controlled or company use, but instead dynamic knowledge resources in exchange between the private and the public sphere. The archive is transforming.

Right now, we are in the middle of a new archive culture, one where the destabilization of hierarchical structures, alternative facts and social networks are determining factors in how we experience and use the information stored in archives. Thus, current archive phenomenon produces a number of new social and political implications that are central for the how we experience knowledge, truth, identity and power.

The event programme for 2017 at Kunsthal Aarhus explores the role of the archive as historical phenomenon, medium and narrative – and not least as an artform.

ARCHIVE FEVER! is part of the Novo Nordic Foundation research project Art and Documentary Culture.

Kunsthal Aarhus collaborates with ARoS Public Filmklub, where Peter Ole Pedersen also curates special screenings of documentaries and film classics.


Introduction to ARCHIVE FEVER! by curators Mathias Kokholm, Marie Koldkjær Højlund and Peter Ole Pedersen
Decasia + Live-soundtrack by Ghost Flute & Dice + presentation of the project Oldnews.org
(Bill Morrison, USA, 2002, 69 min.)
Concert, film-screening and talk

The activity of collecting is by now a common and multi faceted way of creating works of art. The current exhibition by Otobong Nkanga shows this through cartographic installations and the filmmaker Bill Morrision uses forgotten archival film. Most of Morrison’s artistic material is scratched or otherwise deteriorated by time, but that is the central point of his filmmaking – to reactivate the past. The old celluloid tells the story of man’s desire to transgress the physical world. A whirling dervish, couples laughing, a soldier trying to take advantage of a flower vendor, a camel caravan moving across the horizon, a single plane and then others, paratroopers in the sky, a mining disaster, a pugilist, nuns and children at a school - some images last a few seconds, others for a minute or more. The scratches, blisters, and bygone look of the footage suggest time's passage. The celebrated documentarian Errol Morris have called Dacasia the world’s best film. This evening we present a unique screening with live music by Ghost Flute & Dice (Mikkel Almholt), who uses the grand piano as his playing ground for creating a new soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XDweLzB4h0

March 15
Entrance: DKK 50

Händelsehorisont || Event Horizon  – Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas (J) Magnusson
Talk, presentation
Moderator: Mathias Kokholm

The Swedish periodical OEI and the publisher OEI editor was founded in 1999. OEI is particularly interested in the archive and often juxtapose contemporary art and research projects with older archive material. It is the conviction of OEI that this anachronistic element can, and shall, challenge our preconceived notions and make us aware of the fact that history is always under construction, a construction which will never end.   

Artist and editor Cecilia Grönberg and author and editor-in-chief Jonas (J) Magnusson from OEI will present Grönberg’s latest publicatoin Händelsehorisont || Event Horizon. Distribuerad fotografi (OEI editör 2016). The publication examines how photography, as a technology, during the last couple of decades have gone through a number of radical transformations. These transformations have given rise to major renegotiations of the function of photography as image, imprint and information.

April 5
Entrance: free
The talk will be in english 

Mondo Cane (Italy, 1962, 108 min.)
Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti og Franco Prosperi
Presentation by film journalist Steffen Moestrup
Moderator: Peter Ole Pedersen

“For me, the Mondo Cane films were an important key to what was going on in the media landscape of the 1960s, especially after the JFK assassination. Nothing was true, and nothing was untrue” This is how famous author J. G. Ballard describes the now classic ”shockumentary” that balances between horror film and anthropologic studies in its use of strange and uncanny recordings. Exploitation directors Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi portray everything from bizarre rituals, the course of nature and bestial violence in the archival clips that comprises this work. Mondo Cane popularised the transgressive and sensationnal and Kunsthal Aarhus fittingly includes this exotic and notorious film as a part of Archive Fever!

May 3
Entrance: DKK 50

Dissolution 1999-2017
Olle Essvik, Rojal förlag and Linda Hilfling
Exhibtion in the Antipyrine Bookstore, book release and performance
Moderator: Mathias Kokholm

”Because of the new technology, which was no longer compatible with older technology, one day my digital works of art ceased to function. My older publications that took form as programs and net art became books and I trained myself as a bookbinder. I combined an old craft with contemporary techniques and encoding.” This is how Olle Essvik explains the transformation of his art from digital dissolution to the material, from disc to book. This exhibition will display publications from the period 1999 – 2016 together with books published by Rojal. A retrospective exhibtion based on dissolutions, publications in the form of books and digital objects.  

In connection with the opening Olle Essvik will do a performance and Linda Hilfling will release a book about her project Endless End time.

May 31
Entrance: DKK 50

El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War (Holland, France, Finland, Sweden, 2005, 84 min.)
Péter Forgács
Presentation by literary scholar Jakob Ladegaard
Moderator: Peter Ole Pedersen

Introduction and screening of a unique archival documentary created by the Hungarian media artist and director Péter Forgács. Through a period of several years, Forgács has collected Catalan private recordings from the 1930s, which he has subsequently  edited together as an alternate story about the collapse of the monarchy, the rise of anarchy and The Spanish Civil War. El Perro Negro is a singular take on an otherwise generic genre that seldom creates new, memorable film experiences – here it happens in an artistic vision seen through the found footage of the past.

June 21
Entrance: DKK 50


Archive Seminar Part I
Koncern (1989-1993)   
Moderators: Mathias Kokholm & Peter Ole Pedersen

Antipyrine processes archive material by the artist collective Koncern

September 20
Free entrance

Archive Seminar Part II
LARM and Sound Archives
Moderators: Marie Højlund & Mathias Kokholm

LARM Audio Research Archive is a digital archive that grants access to several thousand hours of national and local radio programmes broadcast in Denmark since 1925. How can contemporary artists use this valuable cultural resource?

October 11
Entrance: Free

Very nice, Very nice!
Arthur Lipsett and ML BUCH
Filmscreening + live soundtrack
Moderator: Peter Ole Pedersen & Marie Højlund

The films of experimental director Arthur Lipsett meets the music of composer, guitarist and singer Marie Louise Buch a.k.a. ML BUCH

October 25
Entrance: DKK 50

David Bowie I Love You Since I Was Six
Presentations by Tore Rye Andersen, Niels Kern and Peter Ole Pedersen

Best of the Bowie archive! Carefully selected music videos, interviews and live performances comprice an alternative homage to the music legend that unfortunately passed last year. Come celebrate your own super-self, get a beer and listen to the DJ play some of DB’s best songs afterwards.

November 29

TBA – Special Christmas-event as conclusion to ARCHIVE FEVER!

December 27
Entrance: DKK 50



ARCHIVE FEVER! Archive Seminar Part I Koncern (1989-1993)

ARCHIVE FEVER! David Bowie I Love You Since I Was Six

ARCHIVE FEVER! Dissolution 1999-2017

ARCHIVE FEVER! El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War

ARCHIVE FEVER! Händelsehorisont || Event Horizon




ARCHIVE FEVER! Very Nice, Very Nice!