Sydhavn Station

The Exhibition Space Sydhavn Station was founded in 2012 and is situated at the s-train station of the south harbor neighborhood in Copenhagen. The space is partly located in the station foyer with its 15 DSB poster holders, and partly in the old ticket office, consisting of 58m2 exhibition space and 5 studios. The exhibition space is run by 10 artists and is established with a desire for the artist-run, DIY, and to build your own experimental platform. Sydhavn Station and its unpretentious office premises stands out as a statement in itself and takes an aesthetic and physical distance to the professionalism, that has occurred to be a style in itself during the recent years in Copenhagen. The premises of the station call for experiments with quirky aesthetics and offer other ways to work seriously with art. 10-15 solo & group exhibitions and other events are annually organized in and out of the house by the artists involved which are: Thorgej Steen Hansen, Mette Juul, Morten Jacobsen, Camilla Rasborg, Sonja Lillebæk Christensen, Anne Skole Overgaard, Jens Axel Beck, Claus Ejner, Ulla Hvejsel and Heidi Hove.