Pirkko Siitari

  • Curator

Pirkko Siitari, is an independent curator based in Helsinki and former Director of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Previously, she was the Chief Curator of Kiasma, the Director of the Kerava Art Museum and the Chief Curator of the Finnish Museum of Photography. For 10 years she was the Director of the Northern Photographic Centre.  Her many co-curatorial projects include ARS11 (2011), Common things - Finnish and Swedish contemporary art (2010), Kiasma collection exhibitions (2009-2010), Black and White - Japanese photography (2008) and Counter narratives (2007). Pirkko Siitari is a member of The National Council for Photographic Art which operates under the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and a board member of the Foundation for The Finnish Museum of Photography.