Lise Skou

  • Artist

(born in Denmark, 1966)

In her practice Skou engages with post-capitalist politics and capitalist globalisation, working on the basis of theories by e.g. J.K. Gibson-Graham, who focuses on feminist critique of the political economy.

Through a collective practice she sees to envision non-capitalist economies; to show a landscape of economic diversity – one that is not exclusively or predominantly capitalist – and to explore the challenges associated with alternative economic measures and interventions. Incorporating empirical material from local initiatives, Skou describes the potentialities associated with various economic models.

Her work can be regarded as an ongoing study of various connections between several factors: a practical rethinking of economic structures; the production and dissemination of materials and ideas about current political, economic, and social debates; and forms of resistance and collective experiences.

Skou is a graduate from the Whitney Museum of American Art – Independent Study Program (2002-2003) and the Funen Art Academy (1998-2004). She also holds a BA (Art History) from Aarhus University.

She is currently featured in the travelling exhibition It’s the political economy, stupid, curated by Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler, having contributed the video work Krystallernes Hævn (Revenge of the Crystals) (2012).

In 2010 she published the book Swop Projects. Taking its point of departure in the project that shares its title, the book discusses the possibilities for producing and disseminating economic practices outside of capitalist discourses.  The project was carried out in collaboration with the Swedish artist Andrea Creutz.

During the period 2005-2007 Skou held a position at the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen, teaching the subject Kunstneren som Sociolog (“The Artist as Sociologist) in co-operation with Andrea Creutz.




Text performance: We All Suffer From Capitalism, But We Refuse Treatment