Katja Bjørn

Katja Bjørn (1967) lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark. Educated Cand. Mag. In religion studies and art history from Aarhus University 1999. Also autodidact artist. Katja Bjørn’s work has since 2004 concentrated on video and readymades, which she transforms into video sculptures.  The starting point of the artist’s work has always been the investigation of the expression of the sculpture. Especially interesting to Katja Bjørn is the sculptures relationship to the human body. The sculptures are therefore often formed to create an active role for the viewer, either by direct interaction with the sculpture or by the sensuous perception. Recently her works have been focused on video art and object trouvés, which she is altering into video sculptures, and in which she examines the crossover between the virtual space of the video and the physical and material space of the sculpture. Katja Bjørn has lately been exhibited at ”Living”, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, ”From Andy Warhol to Katja Bjørn”, Randers Kunstmuseum, ”Malmø Nordic”, Malmø, ”Bag facaden ”, Kunsthal Aarhus, ”Ord og Rum”, Viborg Kunsthal, Focus, Nicolaj Kunsthall. Desuden Rauma Biennale Balticum i Finland, “Milk and Honey”, Gent i Belgien, samt ”Haven”, Gowana Canal, Brooklyn, New York. She is represented in the collections at Randers Kunstmuseum, Horsens Kunstmuseum and she has received working scholarships from Aarhus Municipality’s Arts Council and The Danish Arts Foundation.

Website: http://www.katjabjorn.dk/