Amalie Smith

  • Artist
  • Writer

Amalie Smith (b. 1985) is a writer and visual artist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. She graduated her MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 and received The Charlottenborg Grant for her graduation piece – a large scale videoinstallation on touch technologies. In October that same year she received the Danish Crown Prince Couple's Rising Star Award for her work as a writer and visual artist. In her work with text, photographic images, video, sculpture and installations, Smith explores a multitude of fields and disciplines in order to approach the complexity of a given subject. She has published six hybrid books since she graduated from The Danish Academy of Creative Writing in 2009, the latest being the novel “Marble” on the polychromy of antique sculptures and on the Danish sculptress Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863-1945). 


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